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Napple Tale English fan translation patch for Dreamcast
Princess Crown English translation guide
English patches for the PS1 and Saturn releases of Policenauts
English patch for Clock Tower (SNES)
Legends of Localization: A look at video game translation and how games change during the translation process
Sakura Wars English Patch for Sega Saturn!

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I love this the atmosphere this time of year. I love the weather, the chills, and all of the frights! There are many things I love to do to get in the spirit of this spooky season but one of the things I love to do most is dive into horror games! I hve a thing for obscure and underrated scary games, (or games in general really," and this month I am excited to share some of the best ones many might have missed. Games such as..

Enemy Zero
and more...

I hope my amusement brings some to you as well. Happy Halloween month!

Image Gallery

D, D2, and Enemy Zero

Clock Tower, Ib, and Deep Fear

Illbleed, Fatal Frame, and Ring: Terrors Realm

One of my previous Halloween videos

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